Holiday Bible Club - Zoom Safeguarding

All staff over the age of 18 will be DBS checked, and in good standing with Cherry Hinton Baptist Church or St Andrew’s church.

We have disabled zoom features that children/adults could use to be disruptive: File Transfer, annotation, whiteboard, remote control, HD, recording, chat (to anyone other than the host), share slides (other than the host), self renaming

There is a password on the Zoom meeting which is only given to parents once they have booked in. There is a waiting room, and children will only be admitted to the main session and breakout groups if they have the correct Group Code and child(ren)’s name.  There is a “Problem” breakout group where those entering the Waiting room who haven’t got the right group code are moved to.

At all times in the club there are a minimum of 2 adult helpers in both the main group and the individual breakout groups.  All adult helpers are co-hosts with the ability to mute/unmute, stop/start video and, if necessary, remove from meeting. 

In the event of there being a problem with a child the child’s microphone and video will be muted and a helper may phone the parent/carer to discuss the problem, which if unresolved could result in the child being removed from the meeting.

All helpers will ensure that other members of their households are not present in the room during the zoom meeting.