Holiday Bible Club - Zoom Tips for Parents/Carers

Getting started: (windows/Mac): When system asks you “Open Zoom”, then click on “Open Zoom”, If your system asks you whether Zoom can use your microphone, please click on OK., If your system asks you whether Zoom can use your camera, please click on OK.
Getting started (iphone / Android): If your systems asks you “Please enter your name”, change name if necessary then click on OK.  On bottom Row, left icon, tap on “Join Audio” - Tap on “Call via Device Audio”
Name: You must put the 3 digit code given on your confirmation of booking in front of your child(ren)’s name(s)  
Sound: Make sure that your speakers are turned on before going into Zoom, when asked allow Zoom to use your microphone
Video: When asked, allow zoom to use your camera.  If the camera icon (bottom left of screen) has a red line through it, please click on the camera icon - it is important that children can see each other and that the adults can see the children and vice versa.   If your child doesn’t want to look at themselves, then click on “Hide my view in Gallery View”  (in Stop Video on laptop or in “…” on iphone)
Gallery/Speaker View:
o To just see the person who is speaking click on “Speaker view” at top right of the screen
o To see a grid of people click on “Gallery View” at top right of screen
o When in Gallery view if there are more people than can be seen in the gallery, there are arrows you can press to see those not in the current gallery.
o iPhone: Swipe left to go to gallery view, swipe right to go to speaker view
Slides: When the host shares slides, to make the slides smaller on your screen, at the centre-top of the screen, click on “View options” then select “Side by Side”, then drag the edge of this pane so that it takes up the proportion of the screen that is desired.
To leave the meeting: At top right of screen tap/click on “Leave” to leave meeting