Church Calendar

Date Start Time Location Name Description
Mon 13th Feb00:00Half Term
Mon 13th Feb19:30us02web.zoom.usCommunity ChoirCommunity Groups (in Main Church building)
Tue 14th Feb08:00us02web.zoom.usTuesday PrayersSmall Groups
Tue 14th Feb10:00Large and Small RoomsMessy PlayChurch’s Community Groups.
Wed 15th Feb10:30us02web.zoom.usMessy BibleSmall Group, and at Wendy’s
Wed 15th Feb14:00Large RoomGrace CafeCommunity Groups
Wed 15th Feb19:30us02web.zoom.usWednesday Evening House GroupSmall Groups
Thu 16th Feb10:00us02web.zoom.usOasis House GroupSmall Groups
Thu 16th Feb12:00Main Church BuildingPrayer & RefreshmentSmall Groups
Thu 16th Feb19:45us02web.zoom.usThursday Evening House GroupSmall Groups
Fri 17th Feb11:30Main Church BuildingPrayer & RefreshmentSmall Groups
Fri 17th Feb13:30Large and Small RoomsFriday FriendsCommunity Groups
Fri 17th Feb18:30Large and Small RoomsYouth GroupSchool Years 4-6 before 19:45, School Years 7-9 after 19:45.
Sun 19th Feb09:15us02web.zoom.usSunday PrayersSmall Groups - (also Mon-Sat 9:15-9:30am)
Sun 19th Feb09:45Main Church BuildingMusic Group
Sun 19th Feb10:30us02web.zoom.usGathered WorshipMorning Service, Zoom and in the church building
Sun 19th Feb10:50Small and Large RoomsValue BuildersSunday School activities for primary and secondary school children