Small Groups

While Sunday morning “covers all the bases”, a variety of different small groups meet during the week, each with a different emphasis where more time can be given to prayer, to praise, to bible study and to sharing our joys, sorrows and challenges.

Date Start Time Location Title Description
周三 27th 10月19:30us02web.zoom.usWednesday Evening House GroupSmall Groups
周四 28th 10月19:45us02web.zoom.usEvangelical Book Discussion GroupSmall Groups: Miracles (CS Lewis) 
周日 31st 10月09:15us02web.zoom.usSunday PrayersSmall Groups - (also Mon-Sat 9:15-9:30am)
周日 31st 10月18:30Main Church BuildingPrayer and PraiseSmall Groups
周日 31st 10月19:45us02web.zoom.usAlpha courseSmall Groups in the Church Building and on Zoom: Is there more to life than this?
周二 2nd 11月08:00us02web.zoom.usTuesday PrayersSmall Groups
周三 3rd 11月10:00Wendy’sWednesday Morning House GroupSmall Group
周三 3rd 11月19:30us02web.zoom.usYouth Bible StudySmall Groups. Passcode=1883