Family Centre

Date Period Location Name Description
Wed 27th Oct08:00—13:00Large RoomHartbeeps
Wed 27th Oct14:00—16:00Large RoomGrace CafeCommunity Groups
Wed 27th Oct17:30—19:00Large RoomDance Practice (Bhuvi)
Thu 28th Oct09:30—11:30Large RoomZumba (Hannah White)
Thu 28th Oct16:30—19:30Small RoomZac Moore
Thu 28th Oct17:30—19:00Large RoomDance (Bhuvi *)
Fri 29th Oct11:00—13:30Large Room and Small RoomChurch Set upSet up for Friday Friends
Fri 29th Oct13:30—15:15Large and Small RoomsFriday FriendsCommunity Groups
Fri 29th Oct15:15—18:30Large and Small RoomsChurch Set upYouth Group Set up
Fri 29th Oct17:30—20:00Large and Small RoomsEveryone HealthAdult weight management course
Sat 30th Oct06:30—08:30Large room and Small roomCleaning
Sat 30th Oct12:30—14:30Large RoomAlcoholics Anonymous
Sat 30th Oct14:00—18:00Small RoomDance practice (Ganagi prov*)
Sat 30th Oct15:00—16:30Large RoomDance practice (Anitha)
Sat 30th Oct17:00—18:00Large RoomDance practice (Bhuvi)
Sat 30th Oct18:30—20:00Small RoomTamil (Tamilselve prov*)
Sun 31st Oct08:00—14:00Small and Large RoomsChurch Set up
Sun 31st Oct15:15—17:45Large RoomNritham Dance Academy
Sun 31st Oct17:00—18:00Small RoomTamil (Tamilselve prov*)
Mon 1st Nov08:45—13:45Small RoomFresh Start
Mon 1st Nov09:30—11:00Large RoomSweaty Mama
Mon 1st Nov13:00—14:00Large RoomHealthy You
Mon 1st Nov14:00—16:00Large Room and Small RoomHealthy You
Mon 1st Nov16:30—17:30Small RoomCambridge Acorn
Mon 1st Nov17:30—19:00Large RoomDance (Bhuvi)
Mon 1st Nov19:00—21:00Large RoomJunction bakery set up
Tue 2nd Nov08:00—10:00Large RoomLarge room unavailable as set up for an event.
Tue 2nd Nov10:00—18:00Large RoomJunction, bakery project
Tue 2nd Nov16:30—18:30Small RoomZac Moore
Wed 3rd Nov08:00—13:00Large RoomHartbeeps