Policy - Code of Conduct

Code of behaviour with children, young people & Adults at Risk

I am committed to

  1. the nurture, protection and safekeeping of the children and young people
  2. passing on the Christian faith by my prayers, example and teaching to children and young people
  3. the prevention of the abuse of children and young people (including physical, sexual and emotional abuse), and will report any abuse discovered or suspected to the Designated Persons for Safeguarding (Stephen Hall and Annabel Roberts). I understand that Illustrative examples of cause for concern are:
  • unexplained injuries on areas of the body not usually prone to such injuries
  • an injury that has not been treated/received medical attention
  • an injury for which the explanation seems inconsistent
  • a child discloses behaviour that is harmful to them
  • unexplained changes in behaviour or mood
  • inappropriate sexual awareness
  • signs of neglect, such as under-nourished, untreated illnesses, inadequate care

I will endeavour to

  1. treat all children and young people with respect and dignity befitting their age: watching language, tone of voice and posture
  2. listen well to children and young people, paying attention to my assumptions and their body language and tone of voice.
  3. not be alone with a child where their activity cannot be seen – including not being alone in a car
  4. learn to control and discipline children and young people without using physical punishment, or shouting
  5. not let children and young people involve me in excessive attention-seeking (including overtly sexual or physical attention)
  6. speak to another member of staff if I believe that some staff behaviour may be misconstrued.

I will endeavour to NOT engage in any of the following in relation to children or young people:

  1. invading privacy when they are using the toilet
  2. rough, physical or sexually provocative games
  1. making sexually suggestive comments about or to them
  1. inappropriate or intrusive touching of any form
  2. scapegoating, ridiculing or rejection
  • inappropriate use of electronic communications (including texts, emails and social networking sites)

In the case of those over the age of 16 I understand that I am in a position of trust and that it is inappropriate to have a sexual or romantic relationship.