We seek to serve our community providing a range of activities in such a way that all are able to participate, particularly those who are more cautious with regard to Covid related safety. Our policy is that:

  • Those who have either recently tested positive for Covid-19 or who currently have Covid-19 Symptoms (such as continuous cough, temperature or fever and loss/change in taste or smell) should not enter the building.
  • Those not in these groups are encouraged to be responsible for taking appropriate action to limit the spread of Covid. Actions to be considered are wearing of face coverings; sanitising hands when entering & leaving buildings; conducting conversations outside buildings; and sitting and standing slightly further apart than might have been normal before Covid.
  • Those responsible for activities in church buildings will ensure that a register is taken of each event (for Track and Trace purposes), that there is a high level of ventilation (doors and windows are open so coats may need to be worn) and that frequently touched surfaces (e.g. door handles, tables, arms and backs of chairs) are wiped before each activity, and that seating is as spaced out as practically possible.
  • The deacons will ensure that there is always an adequate supply of face coverings and hand sanitiser.