Daily Bible Verses

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  • Heavenly father
    give us grace in difficult relationships to listen to you (as laban did),
    and refrain from making things worse (as Jacob and Rachel did)  and from hankering after other Gods (as Rachel did) 

    17 Then Jacob rose up, and set his sons and his wives on the camels, 
    18 and he took away all his possessions to go to Isaac his father, to the land of Canaan. 
    19 Now Laban had gone to shear his sheep; and Rachel…

  • The Lord is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble, And He knows those who take refuge in Him.
    (This is a test to see if the new system is working)

  • Heavenly father
    thank you that you see when others are unkind to us
    give us grace (like Jacob) to hear your voice and be obedient to it or (like his wives) to discern your voice speaking to others and be obedient to it. 

    [Jacob said to Rachel and Leah]: 10 During mating season, I lifted up my eyes, and saw in a dream, and behold, the male goats which leaped on the flock were streaked, speckled, and grizzled. 

  • Heavenly father
    give us grace to “see” Jesus and understand Him, so that we may understand His name
    and give us grace to ask for those things that are in His name

    Philip said to him, “Lord, show us the Father, and that will be enough for us.”
    Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you such a long time, and do you not know me, Philip?
    He who has seen me has seen the Father. How do you say, ‘Show us the Father…

  • Heavenly father
    give us grace to obey your commandments (of love), and to be open to your Spirit of Truth 

    15 If you love me, keep my commandments. 
    16 I will pray to the Father, and he will give you another Counsellor,  that he may be with you forever: 
    17 the Spirit of truth, whom the world can’t receive; for it doesn’t see him and doesn’t know him.
    You know him, for he lives with you, and will be in you. …

  • Heavenly father
    give us grace to wait for you, so that by waiting for you we find strength

    28 Haven’t you known?
        Haven’t you heard?
        The everlasting God, Yahweh,
        the Creator of the ends of the earth, doesn’t faint.
        He isn’t weary.
        His understanding is unsearchable.
    29 He gives power to the weak.
        He increases the strength of him who has no…

  • Heavenly Father
    give us grace to turn in silence to you, our beginning and our end, for strength

    “Keep silent before me, islands,
        and let the peoples renew their strength.
    Let them come near,
        then let them speak.
        Let’s meet together for judgement.

    Who has raised up one from the east? [Cyrus]
        Who called him to his foot in righteousness?
        He hands over nations to him…

  • Listen to my prayer, God.
        Don’t hide yourself from my supplication.
    Attend to me, and answer me.
        I am restless in my complaint,
    and moan     because of the voice of the enemy,
        because of the oppression of the wicked.
    For they bring suffering on me.
        In anger they hold a grudge against me.
    My heart…

  • [This is a lament, when we pour out our visceral feelings to our God who understands, but waits for us to be enveloped in his mercy so that we can show mercy to others]]

    Confuse them, Lord, and confound their language,
        for I have seen violence and strife in the city.
    10     Malice and abuse  and 11 destructive forces are within her.
        Threats and lies don’t depart…

  • Heavenly father
    give us grace to live as forgiven people, not wavering in this hope

    12 Jesus, when he had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down on the right hand of God, 
    13 from that time waiting until his enemies are made the footstool of his feet. 
    14 For by one offering he has perfected forever those who are being sanctified. 
    15 …